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The Naked Truth About Real Estate Investing

Jan 21, 2022

Being an immigrant in a first-world country provides a wealth of opportunities. Today, Omar Mohamed talks about how he acclimated to the American culture, adopted the right mentality, leveraged his experience, and made the most of every moment to make it out there. Listen in!

Key takeaways to listen for 

  • How can an immigrant get ahead in the game and fulfill his American dream?
  • The impact of embracing the first-world mindset to create wealth
  • Tidbits about FHA 203 (k) Loans and using the opportunity correctly
  • Tips on how to find good markets for greater cashflow
  • What is the biggest mistake to make in real estate?

Resources mentioned in this episode

The Growth Mindset


About Omar Mohamed

Omar Mohamed is a 29-year-old immigrant who came to the USA 8 years ago and decided to stay here for the American dream.

It took him 7 years to get his citizenship; however, this was not enough. With no money and no experience less than a year ago, the desire to start his real estate journey enabled him to find financial freedom.

His first sales and marketing strategy was the old-fashioned method of cold calling. Then moved to wholesaling and investments.  He now owns 4 units and growing exponentially in less than 1 year!

As a first-deal mentor, coach, and leader, he inspires and guides new investors, especially minorities and immigrants, win their first set of deals. 

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