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The Naked Truth About Real Estate Investing

Sep 23, 2022

Discover how passive income streams from multifamily real estate investing can significantly impact your life as we have Spencer Hilligoss today! In this episode, you’ll be motivated by his journey of starting from single-family rentals, a crucial question you should ask yourself as an investor, and how real estate investing offers time and financial freedom. Never miss a single episode of this show to acquire more value!


Key takeaways to listen for 

  • Why you should have multiple income streams
  • The biggest difference between single-family and multifamily 
  • What does “asymmetrical risk-to-reward ratio” mean
  • Is it okay to sit on the sidelines during the rising interest rates?
  • The reward of being a full-time real estate investor
  • How to approach today’s market volatility


Resources mentioned in this episode

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About Spencer Hilligoss

Spencer Hilligoss is the CEO & Co-Founder of Madison Investing, a real estate investment firm specializing in real estate syndications. As a passive investor and active syndicator, he understands the unique challenges that busy professionals face when starting out on their REI journey. Spencer’s mission is to arm investors with the know-how they need to make confident investment decisions tailored to their individual life goals.

Prior to pivoting to real estate, Spencer held several executive roles in the financial technology industry, including positions at Intuit and Gusto—forging a 13-year track record of building high-performing teams across five companies (three of which were valued at over $1B). Throughout his career, one thing has remained consistent: his ability to keenly focus on professional development- helping teams and individuals reach their full potential. 

Spencer is a member of the 2021 Forbes Real Estate Council and has been featured in publications such as Business Insider. When he’s not shifting the way people think about investing, you can find him listening to metal, adding to his tattoo collection, and jogging through the Bay Area with his wife and two sons. Ask him about the time he played onstage in San Francisco at the Vans Warped Tour!


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