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The Naked Truth About Real Estate Investing

Sep 8, 2023

If you seek a passive investment opportunity with high return potential, tune in to this episode! Clint Harris shares insights on navigating multifamily storage unit conversions, maximizing profitability, and essential underwriting tools. Learn to find, build, and manage a successful self-storage business for optimal returns.



Key takeaways to listen for 

  • Clint’s journey of transition and growth in the real estate industry
  • Strategies for converting multifamily into self-storage properties 
  • How long it takes to do a full deal multifamily storage unit conversion
  • An insight into multifamily storage units’ marketability 
  • Useful software tools for underwriting real estate deals



Resources mentioned in this episode



About Clint Harris

Clint Harris is a professional real estate investor and entrepreneur and handles capital raising and investor relations at Nomad Capital. He owns Going Coastal Property Management and hosts the Truly Passive Income podcast. With a background in medical sales, Clint built a lucrative multifamily real estate portfolio, converted to high-performing Airbnb properties. Frustrated with management services, he founded Going Coastal Property Management. For diversification, Clint transitioned to self-storage investments, eventually joining Nomad Capital as a general partner, buying old big box retail buildings and converting them to self-storage. His mission is to inspire financial, location, and time independence for investors after having raised capital for over $100 million in stabilized assets.



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