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The Naked Truth About Real Estate Investing

Nov 28, 2023

This episode delves into the intricate world of real estate funds, focusing on the nuances of Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) funds versus Co-General Partner (COGP) structures. The hosts discuss the roles, legalities, and strategic advantages of these fund types in the ever-evolving landscape of real estate investment.

Key Takeaways to Listen for

  • SPV Funds: SPVs allow investment in syndications without active deal involvement, contrasting with Co-GPs.
  • Active Role in Co-GP: Co-GP requires direct involvement in asset management, unlike SPV funds.
  • SPV's Rising Popularity: SPVs are favored for their operational flexibility and ease of management.
  • SPV vs. Blind Pool Funds: SPVs offer a balance between specific-deal focus and managerial simplicity.
  • Industry Trend: A shift towards SPV structures is predicted, moving away from traditional Co-GP models.


About Tim Mai

Tim Mai is a real estate investor, fund manager, mentor, and founder of HERO Mastermind for REI coaches. He has helped many real estate investors and coaches become millionaires. Tim continues to help busy professionals earn income and build wealth through passive investing. He is also a creative marketer and promoter with incredible knowledge and experience, which he freely shares. 

He has lifted himself from the aftermath of war, achieving technical expertise in computers, followed by investment success in real estate, management skills, and a lofty position among real estate educators and internet marketers. Tim is an industry leader who has acquired and exited well over $50 million worth of real estate and is currently an investor in over 2700 units of multifamily apartments.



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