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The Naked Truth About Real Estate Investing

Jun 30, 2021

Creating proof for the properties, reducing uncertainty and transaction time is a concept that investors appreciate, especially when a loan can be obtained quickly. Today's guest Or Agassi explains how they help real estate investors buy, renovate, and sell homes through their platform fast and efficiently.

Key takeaways to listen for

  • How FlipOS works
  • Scope of work: Advantages and disadvantages
  • Benefits of technology in real estate
  • Sharing the scope of focus
  • Ideal partners to work with
  • Expectations on losing money
  • Importance of visiting properties before closing a deal

About Or Agassi

Or Agassi is from Israel who is now based in Phoenix, Arizona. He’s the CEO of FlipOS, a tech company that they built because they saw the fix and flip market is very fragmented and realized that if they can work with professional real estate investors on one side of the funnel they can actually build a portfolio of single-family residential in a very efficient manner. His background is mostly technology but he has been investing in real estate for the last decade.

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