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The Naked Truth About Real Estate Investing

Jul 22, 2022

Today, we have an amazing guest Reed Goossens to share his remarkable journey of moving across the world and uncovering a path to financial freedom with real estate investing. Be inspired and pick up great value about coaching, multifamily syndication, and how to use the success of others as motivation in achieving your own. Tune in now!


Key takeaways to listen for 

  • Factors contributing to your self-development
  • The best perspective in coaching and why you should have one
  • A comparison between America and Australia in terms of financing 
  • Why you need to prevent bad management in a syndication
  • How to attract the best property managers in a new market 


About Reed Goossens

Reed is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, and public speaker. He is the best-selling author of the book Investing in the US: The Ultimate Guide to US Real Estate and is the host of the Investing in the U.S. Podcast - An Aussie's Guide to U.S. Real Estate. Reed has over 9 years of professional experience with his degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Queensland equipped with structural engineering, project management, design, and real estate acquisitions skills. His career highlights include infrastructure development of the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games. 

Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad book opened his mind to real estate investing in 2009 and now, Reed has two multifamily syndication investing firms that have been involved in the acquisition of over $500M worth of real estate. He is originally from Australia but moved to America in 2012 to be with his girlfriend (now his wife), and the big apple, New York City!


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