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The Naked Truth About Real Estate Investing

Jun 17, 2022

Today, Mario Dattilo introduces the wealth opportunities with the pros and cons of mobile home park investing and his experience setting up his podcast about real estate. In this episode, you'll be able to determine how to minimize mistakes by understanding the complexity of different markets and asset classes. Start becoming a successful investor through this show!

Key takeaways to listen for 

  • Apartments vs. mobile home parks vs. self-storage facilities
  • The unique nature of mobile home parks
  • Why new investors fail the mobile home parks game
  • How podcasts bridge healthy connections with investors
  • Smart advice on creating your mentality in investing


About Mario Dattilo

Mario Dattilo was born in Minnesota and currently lives in Florida. He’s been investing in real estate for over 15 years. He was previously a managing partner of a real estate brokerage, began investing in single family homes with his partner Doug (his father) and later began acquiring commercial properties with a focus on manufactured home communities and self storage. 

Mario has co-managed Real Estate Acquisitions USA’s multifamily and commercial real estate portfolios since inception. His current role includes oversight of acquisitions and investor relations.

His love for the manufactured housing industry inspired him to create a YouTube channel providing education around investing in MHC’s. Later he teamed up with two other operators in an education company which provides education and a mastermind for new and experienced community operators called the MHP Tribe. Mario’s podcast, The Mario Dattilo Show, interviews interesting and highly successful real estate investors and entrepreneurs to provide a behind the scenes look at how they did it.

Mario’s wife, family, and faith are the most important to him and he enjoys business, mentoring others, public speaking, travel, boating, firearms, automobiles, and hiking.


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