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The Naked Truth About Real Estate Investing

Jun 26, 2021

Learning the fundamentals of what homeowners should do on their property to maintain a healthy home is a top priority. Tiho Georgiev discusses the significance of home inspections and why they are beneficial to homeowners.

Key takeaways to listen for

  • Home pre-inspections
  • Issues with water intrusions
  • Benefits of home inspection reports
  • Experiencing a weird home inspection
  • Problems with water heaters and insulations
  • Importance of outsourcing tasks

About  Tiho Georgiev

Tiho Georgiev was born and raised in Macedonia. After college, Tiho got a job working as a photographer on a cruise line. This was a good opportunity to have an adventure and explore the world. He met his wife in 2007 where he married and moved to Colorado. Tiho learned landscaping and worked as a quality engineer for a manufacturing company before becoming a Home Inspector in 2015. Tiho and his family moved to Raleigh North Carolina a year later, where he became licensed and opened the current property inspection company.

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